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All levels and ages can get a great full-body workout, with intensive focus on Core

muscles. We begin with 30 minutes of isolated ab exercises, and continue on to

strengthen, align, and stretch your body using therabands, balls and props. You

will work hard and feel great afterward!  Whether you already work out or not,

you will be constantly challenged by these intense but simple exercises.  No matter

how strong you are, you can always work deeper in Pilates.  Improves your abs like

no other exercise can.  A great way to improve your performance in all athletics!

BARRE: legs & abs

Discover every dancer's secret to a great butt, strong lean legs, and toned abs using

the intensity of a Ballet Barre workout with upbeat music. We will focus on developing

and stretching all of the leg and abdominal muscles using traditional and popular

Ballet Barre choreography and technique. For dancers & non-dancers, everyone will

be challenged!  Great for balance, ages 10 & up. Taught by a dancer.


Whether your goal is to make it into the splits or just to touch your toes, you will

benefit from this class. We will combine traditional yoga poses, dance stretches,

Pilates moves, and other tricks of the trade to get your body limbered up and to

prevent injury.   We will focus on loosening up your hips, hamstrings, spine and

shoulders to gain the most range of movement.  Prepare yourself for a more

graceful aerial experience or just a happier, centered body.


American and Argentine Tango will be taught in this class by our award-winning

ballroom dance teacher. With or without a partner, all levels welcome, no dance

experience necessary.  By the end of each 90 minute class you will have learned

a routine that you can take home and show off, or just practice. This is a seriously

fun class. We meet mostly on Fridays, sometimes on Sundays, so please check

online schedule or email

(You are encouraged to dress up, we all do!)



*New to our studio?  New to Aerial Fitness?  Before attending 2 hour Aerial Classes, everyone over age 12 must complete four Aerial Conditioning classes of Fly Gym or Circus Workout. (Claremont College P.E. students are exempt from this)

FLY GYM – a great intro to aerial

Fly Gym is Aerial conditioning close to the ground while suspended from comfy slings, it includes intense stretching and spine release as well as a fully-body workout like nothing else.  You will swing, twist, and hang in this 3-D workout, against the wall and off the floor. Incredibly fun and different! This is an excellent introduction to the same muscle group, range of motion, and poses performed in Aerial Silks as well as the other Aerial classes.  All ages and all levels.  Only 5 students max. ADVANCED and GENTLE FlyGym offered as well!

CIRCUS WORKOUT – a great intro to aerial

Work out like they do in the circus. Intensive full-body workout for a better, stronger more flexible body, sampling all of our aerial equipment for a totally fun and different kind of training. A great class to take as an introduction to a full aerial class. We will practice aerial rings, aerial hoop, aerial silks, still trapeze, as well as balancing, ab work, hula hooping, and stretching.  Also great for the seasoned aerialist, challenge your aerial muscle group by performing these exercises in a high-energy circuit training environment, it will improve your performance!  10 students max. Fun for all ages.


Pole Dancing is a full-body workout but you will especially gain upper-body strength as you  learn Pole moves as well as floor moves.  Tone, dance, climb, spin, and have fun! Beginners to advanced, dress up (or not), and if you have heels bring them. Pole Dancing is so much fun you don't feel like you're working out.  Work at your own pace and learn a fun routine.  All levels. (Wear shorts or leggings you can pull up higher if you need to).


Must have previous experience and be able to do at least basic spins, climb the pole, and have enough upper body strength to learn Intermediate and Advanced moves.


AERIAL TRICKS - 2 hour aerial

*New to our studio?  New to Aerial Fitness?  Before attending 2 hour Aerial Classes, everyone over age 12 must complete four classes of  Fly Gym or Circus Workout. (Kids & Claremont College P.E. students are exempt from this)


Learn to mount, pose, and hang from the Still Trapeze and Hoop. It’s not just for swinging & spinning on!  Learn to hang from every part of your body, both below and above the apparatus, twist in the ropes, somersault around the bar, even learn to do a duet with another student.  A thrilling, full body workout, gain major upper-body and abdominal strength as well as flexibility. You will work at your own level and eventually learn a full routine.  All levels.  Students take turns on the Trapeze so you are always being carefully monitored, coached, and spotted with every move.  8 students max.  Prerequisite: 4 classes of Circus Workout or Aerial Fly Gym (Claremont College P.E. students are exempt from this)


First you will learn to climb the Silks (Tissu), then learn the footlock, and the rest is tricks, tricks, tricks, and even drops!  Learn to fly on the beautiful Silks, hang, spin, and tie yourself into hundreds of gorgeous poses. This is a thrilling, full-body workout that includes stretching and intensive abs.  You will learn at your own pace, eventually learning a routine. You will be amazed at what you will be able to achieve in just one class. All levels. Students take turns on the Silks so you are always being carefully monitored, coached, and spotted with every move. As students advance they can practice on additional Silks during class. 10 students max. Prerequisite: 4 classes of Circus Workout or Aerial Fly Gym (Claremont College P.E. students are exempt from this)


This class is by Invitation Only.  This is for current Aerial or Pole Students who have reached a high-enough skill level that they are able to create and complete a choreographed aerial performance to music. You will be observed and encouraged by your peers during this practice time as you perfect your own choreography.  There is an Advanced Aerialist present for these sessions, but you will not learn new tricks. Once you are able to perform your piece cleanly, you may be asked to join our performances!


ages 6-12 For more info go to our Kids Aerial Circus page.


Learn Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop, and Still Trapeze. Workout, stretch, and have fun with other kids!  Each child is carefully monitored, only one child at a time on Aerial equipment is allowed.  Each child will learn at their own pace depending on their personal fitness and skill level.  They will gain upper body strength, get a great core workout, as well as improve their flexibility and self-esteem.  You will be amazed at the tricks your children will be able to perform!  10 children maximum, both boys and girls love this class. (Girl and Boy Scouts can earn their P.E. Badges doing Aerial here too)


When your child reaches a certain skill level, they may be allowed to participate in the

2-hour Aerial Skills classes (depending on maturity level as well).  They may also be

asked to join our performances!

Unless otherwise specified:

*  All classes are ages 12 & up

*  Leggings and close-fitted shirts are a must for ALL Aerial Classes!

*  No shoes or socks needed (except Tango)

  1. * Please tie your hair back

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